In the heart of the willamette valley

As a first generation winemaker, it’s difficult to say what propelled me into winemaking, but as soon as I experienced my first harvest I was hooked. There is something indescribably significant about accepting grapes from the earth and guiding them into something to share with others. As the daughter of a mechanic and a teacher, I’ve witnessed how hard work and commitment to a skill are the key principles to honing a craft. In 2016 I stepped off the path to becoming a Sommelier and into wine production. Significantly less glamorous, winemaking is laborious and intense, but strangely feels more organic to me. The more I used my hands, the closer to my family’s roots I felt.

Technically trained, both academically and under the guidance of some of the Willamette Valley’s most intuitive and intelligent winemakers, I aim to make wines that grow as I do - with thoughtfulness and integrity. I let excitement and experimentation guide my practice and continue to learn each step of the way, aiming to create the best wines possible.


Landmass Wines would not be possible without the amazing mentoring and guidance I received from a small handful of people who generously shared their winemaking knowledge with me. Without them this project would not exist.

A very special thank you to Brad, Bethany and Lowell Ford, Scott Dwyer, Corey Schuster, Jim McBride and Jessica Sandrock for your continued support.